July 4th is Independence Day

These are the visual slides used in Ana Rita's oral presentation on July 4th. She did a great job. Find out more about this amazing celebration.


A football star

Image credit: Brotherbangun.net and Arkwhisper.com
Leonel Messi is one of the best living football players in the world. He was born in a poor country, Santa Fe, in Rosario, Argentina. He also came from a poor family. We can see that he’s a great football player because when he discovered that he had a hormone deficiency, Barcelona paid for his treatment just to have him there playing.

In my opinion, unlike Cristiano Ronaldo,  Messi is much more humble and lives just for football. He’s also a better man because he shows that there are more important things in life than money, girls, and fame.

Constança (class 7G)


Halloween infographics

Get ready for Halloween with infographics:

Halloween Freakynomics

Daily Infographic
Try these too:
Trick or Treat

Halloween Eye Candy

[Paula Barbosa]


European Day of Languages

The European Day of languages is next Wednesday (26th September). I asked students to share their ideas about the importance of languages. They can contribute with comments, poems, graffiti works, drawings, videos, any kind of paper of digital contribution.

Some are already sharing their works:

1. Raquel likes formal text, images from the Web and colours.

2. Someone else likes provocative images. You should add a caption João Francisco! What class are you from?

Tomás is always inspired:
English is very important, because it gives you the ability to talk with lots of people around the world, learning about it and then having the chance of being an important part of it.
(class 9F)

If you want, you can write a short sentence (160 characters) on this wallwisher: double click write and add a link if you want to. Add your name (or number and class, please).

Class 9E click here.
Class 7E  click here.
Class 7G, click here.
Class 9G, click here.
Class 9F, click here.
Class 8E, click here.

Thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm.
And have fun, ok? 

Check the official site.


Semana das Línguas Estrangeiras / Foreign Languages Week

Semana das Línguas Estrangeiras (16 a 20 de abril)

A propósito da semana das Línguas estrangeiras, os grupos de Espanhol, Francês e Inglês, fizeram, como de costume, com a ajuda dos alunos, uma mega exposição de trabalhos realizados ao longo do ano.
Para além dos trabalhos feitos com papel e lápis (e com a Internet), o grupo de Inglês quis mostrar exemplos de trabalhos feitos exclusivamente com recurso às TIC, através de serviços grátis da Web.

1. Um vídeo no Youtube, sobre o Natal

Autora: Joana V. (9º E)

2. Um poster interativo, através do “Glosgster”, sobre o dia de São Valentim

Autora: Sara (9º E)

3. Uma apresentação em PowerPoint através do Google Docs sobre St. Patrick

Autores: Rodrigo e Alexandre (7º E)

4. Um página em Word com imagens sobre o Carnaval

Autor: Guilherme (9º F)


St. Patrick's Day

FlickrCC - St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming. For those who want to know something about it, a little extra about it or just remember and recollect information and ideas, check:

The History Channel which has a great site about the holiday.
Try your knowledge with a quiz or have great fun looking at photos.
If you need photos to use, go to Photopin.



photo credit: Rickydavid via photopin cc

Carnival is a time of the year when teenagers go out and have fun by playing pranks on everyone. For example, teenagers throw water balloons to each other or stink bombs.
We, teens, feel that Carnival is a good moment to act wildly and be rebellious.

Rafael Barroso (Class 9F)


Happy Valentine’s Day

photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via photopin cc

If you love someone, this is your day: show it!
If you don’t love anyone, there’s still time: find someone to love!
Have you ever thought about the power of love?


List of irregular verbs

Here is a link to a list of irregular verbs in English. Is includes the meaning of the verbs in Portuguese. Choose the colour of your choice, print it and it whenever you find an irregular verb.

What ways are there to carry your list? I like to use it as a bookmark. What about you?

Click here to get the list of verbs.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2012!

Google Images


Happy Christmas Holidays

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

Create and send a personalized cartoon video message from Santa to anyone you know, anywhere in the world, and share them through email and Google+.
Watch this sample video below and create your own at SendaCallFromSanta.com