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Carnival is a time of the year when teenagers go out and have fun by playing pranks on everyone. For example, teenagers throw water balloons to each other or stink bombs.
We, teens, feel that Carnival is a good moment to act wildly and be rebellious.

Rafael Barroso (Class 9F)


Happy Valentine’s Day

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If you love someone, this is your day: show it!
If you don’t love anyone, there’s still time: find someone to love!
Have you ever thought about the power of love?


List of irregular verbs

Here is a link to a list of irregular verbs in English. Is includes the meaning of the verbs in Portuguese. Choose the colour of your choice, print it and it whenever you find an irregular verb.

What ways are there to carry your list? I like to use it as a bookmark. What about you?

Click here to get the list of verbs.